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Shaved Ice MatchaUji Kintoki, Matcha, Vanilla, Mixed
Soft Serve MatchaGolden Shogun, Matcha, Vanilla, Mixed
Matcha ParfaitsMatcha, Vanilla, Mixed
Matcha TeasMatcha, Matcha Lemon, Hojicha
Matcha LattesCream, Kuromitsu, Chocolate, Hojicha
Matcha FrappesMatcha, Cream, Jojicha, Yogurt
Matcha Floats Matcha, Latte, Lemon, Chocolate, Hojicha
Kokuto Gelatin Beverages Matcha, Latte, Cream, Kokuto Hojicha
Uji is a place in the southern part of Kyoto and is renowned for making topnotch, highly nutritious matcha. The area is ideal as there is plenty of mist, which protects against frost from degrading product quality. It's the best place in Japan and they do whatever's necessary to keep that reputation intact. 

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Whether it is a federal-, state-, or local-regulated agency, the Law Office of Theresa Nguyen, PLLC can help you resolve any disputes or issues you have with them.

Sometimes, a legal problem might not just entail one area of law; it may involve multiple practice areas. Our law firm is ready to tackle such complex cases. Not only do we specialize in Washington and Federal Law, we can analyze your case with scrutiny, by being knowledgeable on a diverse scale of law topics. For example, you may be going through a tax audit with the IRS, and want to know your Estate Planning options. Or maybe you have real estate you want to sell that requires a release of a tax lien, probate, or contractual dispute. Don’t depend on a law firm that only specializes in one area to counsel you. It is imperative that you take advantage of all the legal rights and strategies provided to you by law.

At the Law Office of Theresa Nguyen, PLLC, we care about our clients and we work with integrity. Many times in our profession, lawyers are retained and clients are kept in the dark about what strategies they should take or what is going on in their case. Our Law Firm provides one-on-one treatment and our clients are always informed of where the case is heading, what options the client may have, and we will only execute after consulting you. You tell us your goals or problems and we will provide you with solutions. We only take on cases where we know we can provide competent representation. Even if we do not take your case, we will guide you in the right direction and refer you to our comprehensive network of attorneys in the area.

Our mission is to welcome the Pacific Northwest as family and share with them the joy of the most authentic and tastiest matcha desserts available in the world.

"This is probably the best matcha ice cream in town. I’ve been to Japan so it’s hard to find a place that has the real flavor of matcha, but this place just nailed this."

Kieu Anh Dinh - Google My Business

"It's so good it's so good everything here is wonderfully delicious!!! The classic matcha swirl soft serve is to die for, and I took a gamble and ordered their new hojicha frappe and I couldn't stop drinking it!!!"

Piko L. - Yelp

"They serve great matcha ice cream. Full of matcha flavor and the sweetness is just right. The serving size is pretty good, too."

Roger Lee - Google My Business
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