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Enjoy a hot take on Japenese sweets

Hot Matcha

Hot Matcha - $4.50

Enjoy our quality matcha hot.

Hot Matcha Latte

Hot Matcha Latte - $5.90

Milk's been added for a more mellow hot matcha.

Hot Hojicha

Hot Hojicha - $4.30

Enjoy our quality hojicha hot.

Hot Hojicha Latte

Hot Hojicha Latte - $5.60

Milk's been added for a more mellow hot hojicha.


Oshiruko - $6.30

Sweet red beans with shiratamas.


Ozenzai - $6.30

Sweet red bean soup with shiratamas.

Hot Plain Matcha

Hot Plain Matcha - $3.80

The most basic of hot matcha drinks.

Hot Plain Hojicha

Hot Plain Hojicha - $3.60

The most basic of hot hojicha drinks.

Our mission is to welcome the Pacific Northwest as family and share with them the joy of the most authentic and tastiest matcha desserts available in the world.

"This is probably the best matcha ice cream in town. I’ve been to Japan so it’s hard to find a place that has the real flavor of matcha, but this place just nailed this."

Kieu Anh Dinh - Google My Business

"It's so good it's so good everything here is wonderfully delicious!!! The classic matcha swirl soft serve is to die for, and I took a gamble and ordered their new hojicha frappe and I couldn't stop drinking it!!!"

Piko L. - Yelp

"They serve great matcha ice cream. Full of matcha flavor and the sweetness is just right. The serving size is pretty good, too."

Roger Lee - Google My Business
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